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The universally accessible e-book reader.

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To get Bookworm up and running on your computer, download the installer that suits your operating system.

Bookworm comes in three flavors:

100% Accessible

Bookworm is specially designed for blind and visually-impaired individuals. It is accessible to be used with a screen reader, a Braille display, or using its built-in text-to-speech functionality. It is useful for sighted users as well, as it offers a fully rendered version of the book.

Fully Featured

Bookworm contains all the features you need for a modern desktop reading experience. You can add Bookmarks, take notes, use text-to-speech, perform searches, and export your annotations to several file formats (including plane-text).

Blazingly Fast

Bookworm is comparatively faster than off-the-shelf eBook readers. Its speed even surpasses those eBook readers which have been specially designed for blind and visually impaired users.

Developed By Users

Bookworm is being developed by users for users. Its development has been started because of the inadequacy of the existing solutions. It will thrive because its first users are the people who are developing it.

Completely Free

Bookworm is a free software. You can download, use, and upgrade the program free of charge. It is also free as in "free speech", the source code of Bookworm is published on github for anyone to learn from and improve.

Still Evolving

Bookworm is getting better every day. Our medium-term plans include supporting DAISY eBooks, and integrating several web platforms directly with Bookworm, including Bookshare, Goodreads, and Project Gutenberg.

To learn more about Bookworm and its feature set, head over to its user guide

Read The User Guide

Hi user!

As blind developers, our responsibility is to develop applications that provide independence for us, and for our fellow blind friends all over the world. So, if you've found Bookworm useful in any way, please help us in making Bookworm better for you and for others. At this initial stage, we want you to tell us about any errors you may encounter during your use of Bookworm. To do so, open a new issue with the details of the error at the issue tracker Your help is greatly appreciated.

You can also tweet about Bookworm using the hashtag #bookwormreader.

About Me

My name is Musharraf Omer. I work as a teaching assistant at The School of Management Studies, University of Khartoum.

When I'm not reading my gigantic Ph.D books, you will definitely find me in front of my computer writing some code. To be fair though, some times I strumm my guitar for a little fun.